amp - The Domina Files 13

frog and amp - There Will Be Pain. These black babes have huge back ends and they're begging to cum just for you! Watch them get plowed until they scream and cream all their holes!

The demonic and tragic odyssey of a sex fiend. Victim of an insatiable thirst for copulation, the imaginative Richard Allan invests Marilyn Jess - epitome of femininity, instrument of all fantasies- to quench his multiple desires. Before our unbelieving eyes he brings another divine being -a black goddess- into the picture. Also known as 'Programmed for Pleasure' and 'La femme-objet'

Deep into the night, these greedy vampires sharpen their teeth to suck cock pussy. Devouring their victims the beautiful un-dead men women act out their rampant desires for fucking until exhaustion and then death. Their sexual compulsions are never complete until every delicious cunt is sucked dry and every drop of spunk is drunk. Beautifully shot by award-winning British director Kendo, The Vampires features top British and Euro stars giving their finest, filthiest performances

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